Nero Seal Interview

Before I even begin answering the questions, I probably should explain how Seth was born. I started writing this book in 2019. No joke. XD Originally, the character was named Slater. I had a plot idea, but the character didn’t want to behave and was kind of bipolar. Then Slater separated and said, “Dude, this isn’t my story. Mine is…” So I stopped writing Seth to write Iblis’ Affliction.   

After I finished Iblis, I was left with the hollow shell of the character and a partial plot that didn’t work anymore. The original idea of writing a Thelema adept fell apart when I named the character Seth, and he said, “I’m not going to follow some madman. I’m the god myself. I know better.” I thought, “f*ck my life,” and scratched 45k words to start anew.   

For me, Seth was greatly overshadowed by Slater for a long time. They were like day and night, and it took me two years to flesh him out and remove the influence and expectations Slater projected onto him.   

Hopefully, I succeeded. XD   


1. What made you choose your god?   

Would it be really creepy if I say I didn’t choose him, but he chose me? I’m the chosen one, God damn it XD.   

Seriously, it all came with the name. I didn’t even intend to write about gods until I named the character Seth, and everything snowballed from there. 

I love Egyptian mythology, and if you read about Set, you probably know that he originally wasn’t a bad god. Set’s wife (who is also his sister), Nephthys, cheated on him with Osiris (their sibling who was also married to their sibling, cuz Ancient Egypt?) Anubis was born from this affair because, according to some legends, Set was barren. After these events, Set’s fixation on killing Osiris grew. Who can blame him?   

This tale of betrayal and the subsequent downfall of the once majestic god lay the foundation for my story.   

Also, Set is the god of the desert, and sand plays a huge role in my story.   


2. What do you know about that god?   

Probably a lot by now. I read everything I could find online. Also, I had culture lessons in school, but they never said that Set fancied Horus’ ass and was bisexual.   


3. Which other god (if any) did you consider and why?  

I considered Anubis, simply because I have a strong image of him tearing out hearts and weighing them. But that would be a completely different story.  


4. What did you find challenging about writing a god, whether reincarnated (contemporary) or real? (paranormal)  

Can I say nothing was easy? The story was too dark and at times depressing, so I had to come up with a third character, Diego, to keep myself sane and bring a little light into the story.   

The hardest part was coming up with a unique personality and not being influenced by the myriad of already existing images of Set with a sharp tongue and unbearable, overpowering energy.  


5. Since this series goes to the dark side of MM, what attracts you to this genre?   

I naturally gravitate to darkness. The craziest minds fascinate me. Also, I enjoy when the darkest characters have the lightest, purest hearts. Messing with readers’ minds is a great pleasure of mine.   


6. What made you want to get involved in this series?  

Well, this was originally my idea. After Seth introduced himself to me, I came to Emma and said, “Gah, writing gods is really hard. Wanna suffer with me?” 

Emma said, “Umm, sure? Let’s ask other authors too?” 

Soooo, here we are.  


7. How did you decide if it will be a HEA or not?   

I never decide anything. I probably don’t even have a voice in my stories. Characters decide and do whatever they want, and there’s very little I can usually do about it.  


8. Are you done with the story? Or will it have a continuation?  

Ha! Have I ever been done with any stories? XD. No. This is a no. XD I can’t promise a date, but there will be another book, softer, I think. Hopefully, it won’t take me three years to write.   


9. Would you like to write about any other gods? If so, who, and why?  

Sure. I would like to write about Japanese and Korean gods, Aztec’s gods, but more than gods, I would like to write some Demonology.   


10. What’s a secret that you can share about your story?   

Seth is passionate about blowing. 😉  


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