Maahes by Emma Jaye

Maahes by Emma Jaye

Released: July 30, 2021

Genres: Thriller, Dark M/M Romance, Contemporary.

Themes: Assassins, Mafia


Lev lives for death.

Tainted from birth and despised for sacrificing fellow Servants of Maahes, Lev pursues a life of devotion and abstinence as the Left Hand. His reward will come in the Afterlife.

Živan Bratko, bastard heir to a Bulgarian crime family, lives in the moment, rescuing big cats and slaking his lust with even wilder men. He can’t resist the challenge of corrupting one of the legendary Hands of Maahes.

A sociopath hedonist versus a devout assassin. Who will be hunter or prey when lives and souls are the ultimate stakes?

A dark contemporary mm story featuring a collision of cultures, manipulative main characters, assassins, kidnap, and hungry lions.



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Maahes Excerpt:

“I need to check your wounds. The antibiotic will have worn off. If you behave yourself, I’ll give you a wash and a shave at the same time.” Živan glanced from side to side as if they were being watched. “If you’re really good, I might let you thank me on your knees.”

“I can wash myself.”

Živan gave him a bright smile. “And that would be no fun at all. Besides, I groom all my pets.”

Lev stared back, not willing to reward the insult with the words Živan craved. Živan took his phone out, left it on the chair as he stood up. He picked up a bar of soap and a disposable razor that had been hidden behind a bucket.

“Come on, you know you want it.” The cajoling tone pissed Lev off, but he could literally feel the dirt and hair contaminating his body.

“Press that fine body up against the bars, and I’ll get started.”

The scent of the soap filled his senses, and he hungered for it far more than the food. There had to be an angle here that he wasn’t seeing. Živan hadn’t even asked for his promise.

“I could hurt you again.”

Živan’s eyebrows rose. “You could try. But even if you succeeded in killing me, you’d still be in there. Although I don’t think it’d be a pen for one for long if you did hurt me. Arm. Now.”

Lev held his gaze for a few more seconds, then stepped forward and put his right arm through.

A click echoed in the space, and Lev started to pull his arm back. Živan grabbed his wrist, his fingers pressing against the healing bites. Pain flared; Lev didn’t react.

“No, little beast,”  Živan said, “this is happening.”

“No clicker. I am not an animal.”

“We’re all animals, Lev, and you’ll humor me if you want to be clean.”

Živan released his wrist, finger by finger. Lev didn’t move it. The clicker sounded again, then Živan put the small plastic device in his pocket and reached for the first of several washcloths and the steaming water.

“Check wound if you must, but it’s fine. Washing always starts with the face and works down. Right side before left side,” Lev instructed.

Huffing to himself, Živan gathered the razor and a can of shaving gel before he stood up. Lev pressed against the bars, the four-inch gaps giving Živan room to put his hands through.

After a swipe with a beautifully warm washcloth, Živan squirted some gel on his fingers and began to apply it to Lev’s face.

Lev tried but couldn’t resist as Živan’s face became a picture of concentration, and the razor scraped across his cheek. “Click.”

Živan paused, then chuckled and carried on. “Nice one,” he murmured as he wiped the foam off on a washcloth.

Once Lev’s face was free of stubble, Živan asked, “What’s next, oh master?”

“Chest, armpits, arms. All body hair is dirty.”

Živan’s slow smile had desire curling in Lev’s belly. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Inch by inch, Živan carefully shaved every part of Lev’s body that he presented. The attention, the clear appreciation, swelled Lev’s ego and his cock.

With both arms, and his chest hair-free, Živan paused, met Lev’s gaze from only inches away.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself almost as much as I am.” Živan’s voice had dropped an octave. For a moment, Lev thought he was about to experience his first ever kiss.

“I’m going to move down, but I deserve a little thank you first. On your knees.”

Lev glanced down. There was a bulbous ridge in Živan’s jeans. His own cock stood out from his body as if reaching toward his jailor. Lev might be the captive, but he had no intention of playing a pet. Training went both ways.

“I think you need to finish what you started,” Lev said. “Leaving an animal in discomfort must be against your code.”

“Hold the bars.”

Without hesitation, Lev reached up and grasped the bars above his head.

“No, to the side, as far as you can stretch. Legs apart too. I want you spread so I can get every last pesky hair.”

 Knowing he could always let go and step away, Lev complied. The position caused his hard cock to poke between the bars.

A smile tugged at the corner of Živan’s mouth. “Fucking double click,” he murmured, gaze eating Lev up.


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