L.N. Manning Interview

1. What made you choose the god you did?

In all honesty, I had just finished watching SG1 when I got the message about this collaboration. He was the first one that popped into my head.

2. What do you know about that god?

He is the twin to Ra. He has many names, but mainly known as the God of the Night, the God of Chaos.

3. Which other god (if any) did you consider and why?

Ra, or Horus or Osiris. They are each powerful gods in their own right, probably the most feared of all time.

4. What did you find challenging about writing a god, whether a reincarnated god (contemporary) or a real one? (paranormal)

I wanted to keep my story to the reality of what the ancient Egyptians knew of their god, to the best of my ability. I found it hard to bring that idea or knowledge forward from ancient times to the present.

5. Since this series goes to the dark side of MM, what attracts you about this genre?

It’s a different style than what I normally write. The range of possibilities is endless. And the steam level goes up, which I love.

6. What made you want to get involved in this series?

My friends Nero Seal and Emma Jaye asked me to do it, and they are the best and naughtiest MM writers. I wanted a chance to see if I could write dark as well.

7. How did you decide if it will be a HEA or not?

My normal stories are HEA, so I knew that I wouldn’t have a HEA with this one.

8. Are you done with the story? Or will it have a continuation?

I don’t know. Apophis has been told… BUT I might follow the exploits of Dylan.

9. What’s a secret that you can share about your story?

It has some great kink in it, steamy sex. Hot enough to make a god want to whimper.

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