K A Sands Interview

  1. What made you choose the god you did?

Honestly? I was a late addition to the group of authors involved and Gods had already been chosen. I found Shezmu intriguing enough to say yes, I could write something relating to his characteristics in a contemporary fashion.

  1. What do you know about that god?

There isn’t all that much written about Shezmu. He was a deity spanning dynasties and he changed with each time period in terms of what he was known for. There are very few actual depictions of Shezmu in artistic form and he is vaguely mentioned in the Pyramid Texts. He is sometimes shown as a man with a falcon head or a leonine head – two very different animals – and carrying a blade. My favourite name for him is the “Slaughterer of Souls”, and he is associated with vengeance, blood, wine and perfumes. Shezmu was a contradictory deity, vindictive and bloodthirsty, yet compassionate and celebrated. I found him a rather appealing study.

  1. Which other god (if any) did you consider and why?

I didn’t. Once I’d done a little research on Shezmu, I knew he was my man.

  1. What did you find challenging about writing a god, whether a reincarnated god (contemporary) or a real one? (paranormal)

Writing in a contemporary fashion and how to weave Shezmu’s traits and characteristics into someone modern and something readable. How do I marry these two characters together and pen a story that doesn’t inadvertently dip into the paranormal genre? It was also difficult to incorporate the Ancient Egyptian aspect into a modern story. I hope I achieved it.

  1. Since this series goes to the dark side of MM, what attracts you about this genre?

It always comes back to these two little words – moral ambiguity. I really enjoy reading something that makes me slightly uncomfortable, yet haven’t fully embraced a dark book of my own hand. I’ve been too scared, unsure of where the limits lie. Being a part of this author group has given me wings, shall we say, the courage to write something I want and be as dark and sadistic as I like. Some of my previous work (both m/f and m/m) have dark elements to them, yet I’ve always drawn the line. Not with Shezmu.

  1. What made you want to get involved in this series?

As mentioned above. I’d read the two previous series connected with the same organisers and enjoyed the books immensely. When the opportunity arose to apply, I jumped at it and was over the moon to be accepted. I just hope Shezmu is as appealing as the other works in this series.

  1. How did you decide if it will be a HEA or not?

Ah, the story decides, not me. Yes, I do leave a loose end or two but that was how the story spoke to me. Probably a HFN for this book, the main couple is complete. I don’t plot, I write as things come to me so even I don’t know if a book will be an HEA or not until I get there.

  1. Are you done with the story? Or will it have a continuation?

It has a continuation. After Shezmu is already written and I’m not giving anything away by saying we move on with Osha. The characters from book one are a feature in After Shezmu, and I introduce another wayward soul who may or may not get his own story at a much later date (with no relevance to Malicious Gods).

  1. Would you like to write about any other gods? If so, who, and why?

Yes, I think I would and it may be that I will. Obviously, there are Greek and Roman Gods and a pantheon of stories to be told with the myriad of characters on offer. I also think the Norse Gods would be something amazing to work, all those Vikings… mmm. And they weren’t all that shy when it came to man-on-man action. Could be a wild ride! Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

  1. What’s a secret that you can share about your story?

Oooh, I’m not sure I can tell you any secrets. I mean, a secret in a story is a defining moment, a spoiler if you like, and I would very much hate to spoil anyone’s enjoyment by giving away Shezmu’s secrets. So, let’s just say, I hope you aren’t squeamish, and remember, Shezmu is considered the Lord of Blood. You have been warned!


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