Fetket by Ash Knight

Fetket by Ash Knight

Released: August 6, 2021

Genres: Thriller, Dark M/M Romance, Contemporary.


What if the person you owe your life to literally wants it in return for saving you?

In Egyptian mythology, Ra was the Sun God.  After millions of rotations of the Earth, generations have come and gone, but the lineage of Ra still reigns.  The Egyptian Mafia rules Chicago under his command.  He’s more powerful now than ever, since he’s united with his rightful butler, Fetket.

Simon was a typical teenager until his parents kicked him out for being gay.  When his uncle Ra showed him his destiny and calling, he stepped up to reign as Fetket. In a world unknown to him, he fights the demons of his past, his legacy, and those who honor a God who kills in the name of a long forgotten myth.

How long can he stay on the side of evil, knowing that there is more good in him fighting to get out?  Will he let his family legacy control him, or will he finally break the chains and let love set him free?

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My head was down, eyes trained on his feet, so I didn’t see his hand as it slapped loudly against my left cheek, leaving behind heat like nothing I’d felt in a decade.

The chains clinked and rattled as I attempted to bring my hands to my face but couldn’t quite lift them high enough. Tears pooled in my eyes, and I tried not to blink, fearing that they’d fall if I did. 

The growl that emitted from Ra’s throat sounded tortured; in a way I’d never heard before. He was not just angry but scared. There was vulnerability behind his dark features. I flinched as he approached me, his mouth turning up into a grin at my reaction.

“Oh, my pet. I think I like you like this–like some wounded animal, looking lost and abandoned.” He was pacing in front of me again, this time with a bit more enthusiasm in each step. “Maybe it’s time we try something new, hmmmm?” he asked, curiosity lacing his words. I watched as he raised his hand back to his face, rubbing his chin as he thought.  

My cheek burned where he’d slapped me, and I could imagine seeing each individual finger marked in red on my face. This was some sort of madness setting in. At this point I wasn’t sure what the line was in our relationship.  As my arms shook in protest of their tight position behind my back, I closed my eyes and knew I had no choice but to do what my uncle commanded.

After re-threading the cuffs on my wrists through the rings on the ground, I was lying on my back, legs spread in humiliation, arms outstretched and taut.  All I could do was lay there; eyes closed and wait for whatever this new torture was to end. I could hear Ra move around the room, fabric swishing and the glass vials of blood clanking, but I tried not to focus too much on any one sound.  Instead, I was building a wall in my mind of safety. Of calm and comfort.


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