Denwen by Neya Wara

Denwen by Neya Wara

Release date: September 26, 2021

Genres: Dark M/M Romance, Paranormal.

Mysteries of the past could be haunting. And yet, I wanted to know everything.

Khoya works as a junior blacksmith during the day, but an avenging angel at night. While visiting his lover one night, he is attacked by demons who are supposed to be locked behind the gates of the underworld.

Everything in his world changed in an instant.

A past he can’t remember is unravelling before his eyes, connecting to his present.

Khoya’s lover isn’t who he thought he was.

Tossed into a world of magic, shifters, and monsters that go bump in the night, how can Khoya trust Ishaq after all the lies and deceit?

I wanted to give him everything he desired, except for the truth.


Ishaq has been sworn to secrecy, and he has one job—protect Khoya at any cost, even if that cost is his life.

He can do nothing but pretend to be as human as his lover thinks he is. When Khoya is hunted by the demons, he’ll do anything to keep him safe.

Khoya wants answers. Unfortunately, Ishaq can’t give them to him. The consequences are too great.

Khoya has to discover his past on his own, and before it’s too late, or everything they’ve been through will be for nothing.

Will he be able to find out his true identity and handle the truth why the demons want him?

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The demon roared, his scream and rage puncturing through my bones.

It kept sending orbs of fire. Then another, and another.

They kept coming. Just kept coming, hitting the arch and bouncing back. The demon pulled the fire and hurled it back.

Its fury could be heard worlds apart. 

It grew hot. So hot.

And I couldn’t do anything but watch the flames. Stood there transfixed, watching the hypnotic dance of blue, yellow, orange, and red inferno.

The fire felt familiar. It stroked a memory that was buried deep, deep, deep in the back of my mind, razing the walls inside my mind. 

I knew the feel of this fire, recognized it. Was intimate with it. Just didn’t know how and where. 

Closer and closer the fire raged, and I took a step toward it, but was stopped by the ward around us.

Ishaq’s magic, my head reminded.

Come, it called to me. Touch me, it sang.

Come touch me.

Come feel me.

Come taste me.

Something ignited inside my chest. Something that had been dormant for centuries.



Lain waste.

It grew large inside me. So large, I burned. 

Up, up, up it went into my veins, spreading, pulsing. 

Come touch me.

Come feel me.

Come taste me.

I swayed on my feet, arms stretched. The blade forgotten, the dagger balancing precariously on my fingers. I was… I wanted to touch it, caress it, taste it on my tongue. Perceive its spirit.

Come to me.

Come to me. 

Come to me.

I was. I was coming. 

Sweat trickled down my temple, sliding down my cheeks. It dried up by the time it touched my chin. 

Gone. Poof.  

Break free and meet me, old friend.

I wanted to. I wanted to. 

Come! The fire bellowed.

My right leg finally managed to cross the invisible line of the ward. 

Few more steps.

Yes, a few more steps, then I would be finally able to graze it, let it roil around me, swaddle me like a child.

“Noooooo,” a scream pierced through the dull roar in my head.

Slowly, I turned my face and looked toward the voice.

Ishaq was screaming, shaking his head vehemently. Blood trickled down his nose. 

Why was he bleeding?

His lips moved, but nothing made sense. I couldn’t hear anything past the thundering of my heart. 

Wild. It was wild, beating ferociously, thumping to the melodious tune of the inferno.



Or the thrashing pulse in my veins.

How I wanted to be free. 

Come, my friend. Take my hand. Let’s unite.

I veered back to the blaze, it throbbed in my head, against my sweltering flesh. 

I didn’t feel its sting. It didn’t scorch me.

I’m so beautiful. So serene. Ethereal.

Yes, beautiful. Lovely.

The fire exploded, sending me back. Colors filled the room and behind my vision. 

Then darkness swept in. 

An abyss. 



Only one thought prevailed, as my gaze shut. 

I was going to die, but not before I kissed the fire. 


I wanted to give him everything he desired, except the truth.-2
I wanted to give him everything he desired, except the truth.

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