Character interview: Tau Shez by K A Sands

1. What was your first impression of Bruce?

Hmm, well. Considering the company Bruce was keeping when I first saw him, I was, quite frankly, disgusted with him. The thought of seducing the man to get what I wanted, was initially, unappealing. But, *bites lip* he’s a man who grows on you.

2. If you had to compare Bruce to an animal, which animal would it be and why?

*laughs* Bear. A grumpy fucking bear. Which animals are spoiled? Because Bruce is very definitely a spoiled creature too, one who sulks when he does not get what he wants.

3. If you got a chance to turn the clock back to an earlier time, would you? When would you turn it back to?

Definitely, yes. Too many to count. There are so many times I have wished I had taken a different path sooner.

4. If you could change one thing about Bruce what would it be?

I would shave off his beard. It chafes too much and stubble burn in places which have tender flesh is not a fun thing to contend with. Also, I wish he would not wriggle so much, especially when I’m trying to… oops, no. You cannot have the details, I covet those myself.

5. Do you have any regrets? If so, what?

Many. One is hiding Osha for years and watching Bruce hunt for us with no success. I do not think he has entirely forgiven me for that indiscretion. He often feels the need to punish, but it’s rarely a punishment because Bruce likes what I do too.

6. What do you fear the most?

My greatest fear has already been realized. I do not wish it upon a living soul.

7. What makes you happy?

Really? *eye roll* Oh dear Lord, it has to be the life which runs through ones veins. Spilled. Thick, cloying, tainted – and given under duress or pleasure. That is my happy. Bruce bleeding for me is the icing on the cake, as you would say.

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sex, blood and cum. Yum. And to annoy Bruce. Or perhaps bite him until he bleeds and begs for it, which he does rather often. I am not fussy as long as Bruce is somewhere near. And I do like to sharpen my tools. Make of that what you will. *smirks*

9. Name a song that you identify with in some way? What is it about that song?

Grim Reaper. I do not know the artist, I apologise. I am not a fan of the song, it is too cheery and upbeat for me but it brings forth the memory of seeing Bruce dance for the first time. Awkward buffoon. *grinning* Osha stepped in too, and the pair were… ah, I think I shall keep my comments to myself. The aftermath was rather decadent.

10. If you had to compare yourself to food? What would you choose and why?

Spaghetti with a marinara sauce, which I tried once when visiting Milan. That was a trip, I tell you. *glassy, far off look* Strands tangled up together and so very messy to eat, like I am. Just ask Bruce.

11. How do you deal with it if someone crosses you?

Have you not seen my Khopesh? *laughter* That is how I deal with any fool daring to cross me. Many have tried and failed miserably, ending up beneath the curve of my blade. Such a beautiful mess it makes.

12. What do you want written on your gravestone?

Nothing. I am a God, therefore, I am immortal. *small chuckle* Eh, Bruce can write whatever he wishes, I am sure he will come up with something rather inventive such is his warped sense of humour.

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