Apophis by L.N. Manning

Apophis by L.N. Manning

Released: September 3, 2021

Genres: Dark M/M Romance, Paranormal.

Never steal from a god

Dylan Moore was a loner, passed around from group home to group home by the system, where the children in those types of facilities had often been given up willingly to institutions or orphanages. That was why Dylan kept to himself, not making friends with the other residents in them. If he didn’t get close to anyone, he wouldn’t mourn them when he was moved again. Except for the last home he was in, he did make a friend. One friend, Zach. The two young men became fast friends and did everything together, even after they both aged out of the program.

Dylan had never felt love, loss or desire of any kind to be with anyone, until Zach dragged him to the new gay dance club in town. The moment Dylan stepped through the door; a desperate need washed over his body leaving a trail of sparks racing across his skin. He felt an uncontrollable need to rub on and touch every person in that bar. And he didn’t know why.

Apophis had lived for over five millennia, born of an unholy incestuous mating of his parents, that many of the greater Gods thought abominable. So the greater Gods got together and cursed Apophis and his twin brother Ra. One can only be awake while the other rests; and this was Apophis’s turn.

Apophis felt a presence in his club that he hadn’t felt in many centuries. He just couldn’t quite but his finger on what or who it was, but could that person be his, at least until he found another? And will Dylan ever be able to accept his true nature?

Trigger warning: abduction and torture

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Apophis laid Dylan back against the pillows as a sigh left Dylan’s perfect bow-shaped lips.

He watched Dylan relax against his pillows. He loved the contrast of Dylan’s pale white skin against the deep, rich dark blue color of his sheets. His light auburn hair shone in the soft lighting of the bedroom.

It was still early, being only midnight, and in six short hours, the sun and its pull would take over his body. That was probably the only thing he hated about being who he was.

Dylan stretched his arms above his head, placing his lean body on display for Apophis’s gaze. Without thought, Apophis ran his fingertips lightly down Dylan’s chest and over his abdomen. He watched him shiver under his touch right before large, beautiful almond-shaped eyes blinked open to stare up at him.

Apophis needed to get the items he had sent Vincent to get earlier, but he had a feeling if he walked out of the bedroom right then, Dylan would be off the bed and back on the hunt for his clothes.

He allowed his fingers to travel further down the smooth expanse of Dylan’s skin to his groin, stopping just long enough to let the back of his finger graze the head of the man’s half-hard cock.

The look of simmering lust that had been burning in Dylan’s eyes since Apophis had lifted him for the shower flamed to life.

Dylan’s eyes now glowed red hot with need. Apophis knew that the young man didn’t understand the feelings raging inside him, or how to handle them. He would help the young demon take control and embrace what he was, even if it took centuries.

Centuries, Apophis thought. He had a feeling that it would take centuries to get the sexy little incubus out of his system.

He wanted to take the man, just flip him over and take all the fire the man’s eyes promised, but he couldn’t, not yet. Apophis needed to ease the newly awakened demon into his new life as an incubus, slow and easy.

Apophis circled his fingers around the fully hard cock in front of him, starting his strokes off slow and gentle. Dylan whined and moaned as he thrashed around on the sheets. He tried to force his cock through the circle of Apophis’s fingers, only to have Apophis loosen his hand, not giving the man the friction he craved.

“I’m running this show, little incubus. I’m in charge. If you want to cum, the faster you learn that fact, the sooner you will get your pleasure,” Apophis told his soon-to-be lover.

A whimper of frustration and need met Apophis’s ears as he released the throbbing cock from his hand. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back,” he said.

Apophis abruptly got up, left the room, and headed for the front door to the package he had called for earlier. He needed Dylan to see the beauty in sex, not just the physical aspect, but the beauty and power that happened when two bodies came together.

He knew that Dylan wouldn’t be able to deny what he truly was if he was able to break the chains that held his incubus side locked away. And Apophis planned to free the demon tonight.

He could hardly wait.


Apophis felt the heat of Dylan’s hand on his arm increase. The longer he held onto Apophis’s arm, the hotter his got. He took a long look into Dylan’s face. He could see a sheen of sweat slowly forming on the demon’s upper lip and brow.

“Tell me what you feel,” he whispered as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Dylan groaned as his eyes fell closed, and he panted. “Heat, so hot. I can feel you, what you want. The people downstairs. It’s too much; I can’t take it.”

“Shhh,” Apophis crooned. “Yes, you can. This is who you are, what you are. You will just need to learn to control it.”

Apophis stood from his position on the edge of the bed. He began to slowly remove his clothes, never taking his eyes from Dylan’s face. When he was finished, he stood there, not moving as Dylan’s eyes roamed over his body.

It had been centuries since he had been with an incubus, but if his memory served him right, this would be a long night.

Dylan scrambled to his knees on the bed, slowly knee-walking to Apophis. When he reached for him, Apophis noticed that Dylan’s true form was slowly starting to appear.

Two-inch long black nails that resembled talons had emerged from Dylan’s fingertips. The bright blue of his eyes was gone; only the inky blackness of the demon remained. Dylan’s teeth had turned to sharp points, capable of ripping flesh from bone with ease.

Dylan was lethal in this form; Apophis had seen it before. But it was also a huge turn-on for him. Apophis needed to tread lightly with Dylan until he had full control of his power and strength. One false step could leave him injured beyond what his natural healing abilities could handle.

But that was part of the allure of an incubus, and Apophis was ready to play with fire.

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